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Jobs Delivering Learning Supports: ICI’s Workforce Preparation (Prevention Early Intervention): Peer Empowerment Program (PEP) offers an intergenerational approach to communities that desire jobs for transition-age youth (18-24) and learning support to children and adolescents. PEP is a culturally congruent community-defined approach that holistically addresses root causes of societal stressors, (i.e. poverty, gang and domestic violence, child abuse, and neglect) providing social emotional learning support to increase Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic (STEM) proficiency.

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Information-Age Paradigm Shift: Children and youth coming of age in trauma-exposed communities after the US economic downturn require non-threatening systemic interventions that focus on developing the whole-child. Piecemeal education reforms divert the level of change required that increases equity in student achievement. The paradigm shift requires building a Continuum of Healthcare and Education System (CHES) to increase access to community-defined health and health human services, embracing a tech-centered youth culture while making schools the centerpiece of each neighborhood.

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Community-Defined Practices:  Individual well-being is hindered by historical bias, racism and discrimination, disrupting cultural pride and unity. ICI embraces the diversity among Millennials and valued traditions established by a growing Baby-Boomer generation to implement culturally- and linguistically-competent programs and services.  ICI commits to assisting community-based organizations with developing community-defined practices that have merit within a designated region or among an underserved ethnic population as primary and essential to reducing health disparities.

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Peer Empowerment Program (PEP)

Continuum of Healthcare and Education System (CHES)

Workforce Preparation

Workforce Preparation

Employ your community's 18-24 yr. old's that certify as Peer Mentors and Peer Specialists to establish a community-lead Behavioral Healthcare workforce to sustain well-being.

Intergenerational Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentors inspire 9-12 yr. old Mentee's to build social connections among peers utilizing Social Emotional Learning to establish a positive trend for youth to follow.

Cultural Competence

Peer Specialists paired with graduate students prepare 12-15 yr. old Mentee's to embrace Cognitive Learning while developing culturally proficient professionals.

CHES prepares community providers and support organizations to lead structural changes in health and education; coordinating collaborators within a continuum of systems to facilitate prevention and early intervention support services.

CHES Logic Model incorporates multiple research-based and evaluated methods and policies to revitalize America’s health and education systems during large-scale whole-system structural changes aimed at improving population health outcomes.

Building the Continuum of Healthcare and Education System (CHES) establishes a Behavioral Healthcare Component to coexist with the Management and Instruction education framework to ensure every student benefits from proactive Behavioral Healthcare


Established in August of 1999, ICI’s initial mission was to expose students to behind-the-scenes career opportunities in the entertainment industry. In his attempt to network among school administrators to introduce this program, ICI Founder, Bruce Wheatley began working at a mental health agency where he discovered that students with behavioral issues were being inappropriately diagnosed with mental illnesses. Immediately, ICI began seeking best practice solutions to build capacity for traditional direct and primary care services delivered within a "diagnose and treat" medical model system of care.  With the help of students from Centennial High School in Compton, CA. the Peer Empowerment Program was conceptualized to prevent behavioral issues from worsening and to intervene early among students who were dealing with traumatic experiences that impeded their ability to remain academically-focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 

  • Our approach

    We expand the Social and Human Service Assistants Labor Market to include Peer Mentors and Peer Specialists, employing transition-aged youth to deliver social emotional learning support to children and adolescents.

  • Our method

    We facilitate Large-Scale Whole-System Transformation by building a Continuum of Healthcare and Education System (CHES) combining best practice with current policy to guide organizational and community change.

  • We envision

    Thriving communities where residents have rewarding, economically-lucrative jobs and careers, and relate well with each other due to socio-emotional and cultural understanding having embraced their collective strength as systemic change makers that revitalize their community.

  • We evaluate

    Whole-system change processes and capacity-building strategies while monitoring community recommended goals and outcomes. In the long-term we will build to measure whole-community school attendance, unemployment, graduation rates and social determinate of health indicators.


Inner City Industry actively seek volunteers who are dedicated to community well-being. Your offering of time and resources are of great value to the organization’s mission.  Volunteer hours are totaled annually to provide rewards for your dedication. Join our pursuit to inspire and prepare 21st century children, youth and families to reach their full human potential through social emotional and professional development, while honoring academic achievement. We have several volunteer opportunities for your consideration.


Special Events

From community engagement activities to three annual receptions, ICI requires your support to help welcome and register guests as well as assist with event logistics and marketing tasks. In exchange for your time, ICI will honor volunteers during the organizations fall reception.

Behavioral Healthcare

Behavioral Healthcare Advocacy will ensure America’s health and human service and education systems benefit vulnerable populations. Whether a parent, teacher, medical professional or concerned citizen, ICI seeks your advocacy to increase equity of opportunity for all Humanity.

Retired Professionals

Recently retired and looking to volunteer? ICI is seeking subject area experts to provide historical perspective, administrative support or professional insights to high school students in need of real world learning. If inspiring our future is important to you, you’re a perfect fit!

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